Saturday, December 15, 2007

Perry Says "Bush Was Not A Fiscal Conservative."

It seems Texas Governor Rick Perry has had a recent change of heart concerning President and former Texas Governor G.W. Bush. Always an ardent G.W. supporter Perry recently said that while ..."Bush was a great Governor he was not true fiscal conservative."
That's the truth! When Bush took over from Ann Richards he inherited a strong state government with a huge budget surplus. It did not last long. Bush, with the careful guidance and support of the powerful Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, engineered tax cuts for his wealthy supporters. The effect of this was soon felt as state parks and highway projects began to hurt for cash. The surpluses quickly turned into deficits.
Now, for some reason, Governor Perry has seemed to wake up to this situation. He is distancing himself from Bush. It must mean that Perry is looking ahead to running for another term. he may have some stiff competition from U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is widely believed to be setting up a campaign for Texas Governor next November.

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