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Under The Wings Of The Gulls
Los Tres Malditos De Tejas!

Rick Perry will be challenged by Kay Bailey Hutchison for the Republican nomination for Governor of Texas in the primary of 2010. John Cornyn may be looking ahead to the 2012 Presidential race. Imagine a Palin-Cornyn ticket! Guvmint Lite!
Perry and Hutchison are engaged in a race to the right in order to appeal to the Republicans of the state, which, they believe, will ensure a victory in the general election to follow.
Cornyn continues to be the classic example of the "empty suit" as he continues his vacuous rhetoric and self aggrandizement. Cornyn's explanation of why he opposed President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, was a perfect example of his demagoguery. Hutchison, too, opposed Sotomayor in a hypocritical attempt to cozy up to the Texas far right and demonstrates she is not worried about the Latino vote in the state. Maybe she should be.