Sunday, February 22, 2009

Local White Elephants
Padre Island Bathhouse A Disaster

The much vaunted bath house on Padre Island has been closed for some time now. It seems it is falling apart and will be very expensive to repair, or more likely, to replace.
This is just another example of the squandering of tax money by our local elected officials. Folks who have been here for any length of time know that the Island always wins when it comes to the battle to maintain beachfront structures.
This gaudy bathhouse, which opened in 2002, cost about a million bucks to build.
Precinct 4 Commissioner Chuck Cazalas has an office in the building. It seems that Commissioner Cazalas, and the other commissioners, have really let down their constituents by failing to monitor and proceed with upkeep on the building which may be too far damaged to rebuild.
According to news reports a leaky water pipe caused the floors to rot out to the point of collapse. That seems to be something that could have been prevented with just a modicum of maintenance.
The commissioners set aside some $240,000, taken from bond money, to put toward repairs. This may be a woefully inadequate amount.The bath house demonstrates a lack of responsibility for the proper use of public money.
American Bank Center, Biggest Local White Elephant?

The American Bank Center was touted as being an economic engine for the area. It has done so to a degree by booking many popular shows and events which have helped contribute to the local economy. This has come at a price however. According to news reports the city has lost $11.1 million since 2004. And the losses climb each month. This is a losing proposition for the city.
This just reinforces the notion that the city just can't get anything right!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Effects Of Las Brisas

It is ironic that the day after the Corpus Christi city council refused to support reconsidering the Las Brisas project President Obama was speaking to the Parliament in Canada and telling them that the United States would engage them in ways to address pollution within the borders of the two countries.
The Las Brisas project will, among other pollutants, release large amounts of SO 2 which is a key ingredient in causing acid rain which affects Canada and the U.S. but falls disproportionately in Canada.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds; Built It...They Don't Come!

The Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds is a money pit. It is losing tons of money. It was overly expensive to build and it is located in Robstown which is even more remote and out of the way than is Corpus Christi. Now County Commisioners Oscar Ortiz and Betty Jean Longoria are throwing a snit fit because the County Court voted down even more unneeded expansion in the form of an arena. Just what we need, another arena in this area, paid for by taxpayers, which will lose even more money!