Sunday, September 30, 2007

The First Developers On Padre Island!
New Unies For Corpus Christi Police Department!

Recently new uniforms have been proposed for the Corpus Christi Police Department replacing the light blue shirts, dark blue pants outfit they have worn for many years now.
The new unies are a dark blue color which some have questioned, considering our warm climate. Proponents of the change say the uniforms will be cool and durable. I suspect they will cost a lot less also.
Turnabout Is Fair Play?

Ex Corpus Christi City Council Members Air Sour Grapes!

Recently a group of former Corpus Christi City Council members met and bemoaned the poor state of local infrastructure. This was kind of funny since the current council has been in office about eight months and these guys were in office for many terms and don't have much to brag about!
White Elephant! Police Shooting Range An Expensive Embarrasment!

Somebody dug a pit and called it a shooting range and billed the City of Corpus Christi an enourmous amount for the job! It's another example of waste and incompetence in local city government!
To Kill The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg...
Big Money Developers Have Plans For Our Area!

Landfills Filling Up!

The landfills in the Corpus Christi area are filling up. Where the next will be is becoming a hot potato as a political issue.
A few years ago the local city government ended the city backed re-cycling program. .
Corpus Christi Is In A Coliseum Quandry!

There are many plans for the Corpus Christi Memorial Coliseum. Most are crackpot ideas. Many want to tear it down. The big fear is, what would be built in it's place?
Bay Front Plans Are Disastrous!

So far all the "plans" proposed for Corpus Christi's bayfront are plans that would involve giveaways to big money developers which would wipeout the natural beauty and add tremendous commercial clutter and overcorwding in an area that needs no more stuff!