Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First rain bands from Tropical Storm Alex, 10:40 am, Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

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More rain bands and more wind on Wednesday

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rick Perry: EPA Regs Don't Apply To Texas!

Texas Governor Rick Perry Seeks New Battle With Feds; EPA Standards Don't Apply To Texas Says Perry.

The Evironmental Protection Agency recently denied an operating permit from a Corpus Christi refinery saying it was in violation of the Clean Air Act.
EPA director Al Almendariz has threatened to pull permits from 39 other Texas facilities because state regulators are not enforcing strict air quality standards. For some years Texas has had the dubious distinction of having the most polluted air in the nation.
Texas Governor Rick Perry, seizing another opportunity to continue his attack on the federal governnment, has said he will defy these regulations in order to protect jobs.
“Washington just isn’t happy unless they have total control of everything,” he said.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has been underfire for being too cozy with industry and not sufficiently protective of the environment. This battle has been prominent in another local Corpus Christi controversy concerning the proposal to build a large petroleum coke fired power generation plant, Las Brisas. Local opponents of the project fear the TCEQ regs will still allow unacceptable levels of polluting air emissions.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mark Skurka Thrown Overboard!

Cap'n Ana throws Mark Skurka off "her" ship!
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Wednesday Night Storm Smashes Through Corpus Christi Area
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Wednesday night, June 2, a strong pair of storm fronts converged right over Corpus Christi bringing winds in excess of hurricane force, up to 90 mph in some areas, and driving rains. It was something of a mini hurricane which lasted for around 4 hours.
At Corpus Christi Naval air Station, near my home, RV's were blown over and six people were injured. A boat barn which had been newly completed was blown out into the Laguna Madre.
Damage was caused all over the area including roofs blown away, trees down and power was knocked out for over 67,000 people. 
As of this morning some still are waiting for power to be restored.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Perry Turns Down Chance For $700 Million In  Federal School Funds

Texas Governor Rick Perry has said that Texas will not compete in the $2 billion Race For The Top federal grants for state education. Texas schools could receive $700 million under this program. Perry says there are too many restrictions and could possibly lead to national standards for education.
That would be a setback for Perry who is more interested in setting school standards which race to the 19th century and as he swings to the right in order to ingratiate himself with Tea Party types as he eyes a run at the Presidency.

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