Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outlaw Josie Wales Calls For Elimnation Of City Manager Position

In the recent televised debate between the four candidates running for Mayor of Corpus Christi the best idea came from the least likely to win the office. The man known as the Outlaw Josie Wales called for the elimination of the city manager position and its supporting staff and a switch to a strong mayor type of city government. This is a good idea. Corpus Christi has a long and sorry history of hiring terrible city managers. Click on pic for larger image

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blake Farenthold, Working For The Man; Rose Meza Harrison; Turning 27 Blue

Blake Farenthold defeated long time District 27 Congressman Solomon Ortiz. His first term has been spent working for "the man" as a rubber stamp for the Tea Party.
Harrison wants to turn District 27 blue once again.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Perry Panders To The Evangelicals

Rick Perry is once again throwing the U.S. Constitution under the bus to pander to the right wing religious extremists.
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Texas Governor Rick Perry made some startling remarks Tuesday, Sept. 18, as he addressed a conference call to a meeting of Christian conservatives. His remarks displayed an utter disregard for the concepts outlined in the U.S. Constitution, American and Texas history and indicated he had no interest in other Christian faiths, other religions or people who had no religion. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.
Below is a good summary in an article by Christy Hoppe of the Dallas News.
Rick Perry, speaking on a conference call with Christian conservatives Tuesday, called the separation between church and state a false premise that is advanced by the devil.
He also said that the Obama Administration and court system are working to remove religious references from the American way of life and that is it up to “Christian warriors, Christian soldiers,” to prevent it from  happening.
Since his presidential campaign, Perry has been publicly outspoken about what he sees as the strong role of religion in public service, but the statements and audio, posted by Right Wing Watch, are among his most strident.
Perry was participating in conservative pastor Rick Scarborough’s “40 Days to Save America,” which calls for prayer and fasting that seeks God’s intervention for the nation and leading up to the November election.
Perry told listeners that instead of staying away from the political fray, people of faith have, “a Biblical responsibility to be involved in the public arena proclaiming God’s truth,” Perry said.
He said it is particularly true on the abortion issues, where it’s “important that we as Christians put legislation into place, that we elect women and men that defend life.”
“Satan runs across the world with his doubt and with his untruths and what have you, and one of the untruths out there that is driven is that people of faith should not be involved in the public arena,” Perry said.
Perry also struck a theme he used frequently on the presidential campaign that the Obama Administration has declared a war on religion, mostly citing a decision that health insurance policies include coverage for contraceptives.
“The American family is under siege, traditional values are somehow exclusionary, a simple prayer in our public schools is the basis for these secular attacks,” Perry said, calling it “spiritual warfare.”
“It falls on us, we truly are Christian warriors, Christian soldiers, and for us as Americans to stand our ground and to firmly send a message to Washington that our nation is about more than just some secular laws,” Perry said.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Outlaw Josey Wales To Run For Mayor Of Corpus Christi

From today's Corpus Christi Caller/Times:
—Outlaw Josey Wales IV has filed for mayor in the November race for City Council.
Wales, who legally changed his name to the 1976 western film starring Clint Eastwood, runs a professional wrestling business in Corpus Christi. He has run twice for mayor in Houston, once in 1999 and again in 2007. He retired as a contract engineer from the oil and gas industry and settled in Corpus Christi about three years ago.
He is in the running against District 4 Councilwoman Chris Adler, at-large Councilwoman Nelda Martinez and local photographer Reynaldo "Ray" Madrigal. The election is Nov. 6.
The mayor serves a two-year term and is paid $9,000 annually.
Name: Josey Wales
Age: 64
Occupation: owner of Corpus Christi Wrestling Association and retired contract engineer from the oil and gas industry.
Reason for seeking election: Wales said if elected he will establish a strong mayor form of government and fire City Manager Ron Olson and his four assistants to save taxpayers money. He believes the city is not doing enough to attract tourism through conventions and sporting events, including competitive ballroom dancing and high school football playoffs.
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