Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paul Schexnailder Has A New Plan For Corpus Christi Beaches!!

(pic) Wolf in sheep's clothing!

Schexy…He’s Baaaack!

Austin developer Paul Schexnailder is back in the news in Corpus Christi once again and with a new coastal development scheme.
Schexnailder once said he would sell off his holdings in small parcels following the defeat in 2006 of his attempt to close of part of the public beach to traffic for the benefit of a grandiose development he wanted to place on Padre Island.
According to an article in today’s Corpus Christi Caller/Times Schexnailder has hired a consulting company, I.d.e.a.s., to help him make his plans more palatable to local voters who rejected his project two years ago.
This process has a long way to go but some local politicos are bound to be ready to jump on such a project.
According to today’s article Corpus Christi Mayor Henry Garrett is eager to look into this.
"I'd like to see something like we talked about before, a resort-type project," Garrett said as quoted in the story.
"We'd still protect the beaches, of course, but any type of development that would help us with our tax base would be more than welcome."
According to the newspaper story the group will be meeting with people selected by Schexnailder to represent the “community.“
This will be, according to the story, “…people who have something at stake in the project, either emotionally or financially.”
Hold on to your hats folks!
Buzzards Circling Over Corpus Christi

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Perry, GOP Has Big Plans For Texans; Toll Roads!

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Governor Rick Perry and his cohorts in the legislature are proceeding full speed ahead with their plans to cram toll roads down our throats!
It is time now for Texans to make their voices heard and send a message, loud and clear, about how you feel about creating a toll road system across Texas, the so-called Trans Texas Corridor. In reality it should be called the Rick Perry, G. W. Bush, Karl Rove, GOP Rip Off Roadway!
Texans must resist such a blatant scheme to hand over our roads to private companies.
How would you feel if the principle of eminent domain was used to take your property which would then be handed over to a giant corporation to build roads on which you would have to pay to drive upon?
How will you feel if state owned lands are given up to this massive boondoggle?
All of this to be financed with taxpayer money!
Texans, don't let this happen!

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