Wednesday, December 14, 2005


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Big Biker and Little Biker!
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Big Biker, Followed By A Little One!
One day on my way home I was approaching a stop sign and then a right turn. As I stopped I noticed two motorcycles approaching.
The front bike was a nice looking late model, slightly custom, Harley-Davidson with a big twin panhead motor. Right behind came one of those tiny choppers with a little kid on it. The big biker had a shaved head, dark sunglasses and looked very serious. The kid had on a helmet but he had a matching facial expression. The sight struck me as hilarious so I have represented it here.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Miscellaneous Pics...Bike Run, House On Marlin

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The top pic is from a bike run I played at in Port Aransas around '97 or so.
The other pic is my old Bobcat wagon(red car on right) I drove it till it caught fire as I traveled to East Texas on Christmas Eve! The other car is a Toyota wagon that belonged to Jackie, the girl that owned the house. I lived there from about '95 till '99 or so. (I say "or so" now and then 'cause I just don't quite remember the dates for sure!)
The house is on Marlin in Flour Bluff near where I live now. This was an unusual place and life there was unusually nuts!