Friday, February 13, 2009

Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds; Built It...They Don't Come!

The Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds is a money pit. It is losing tons of money. It was overly expensive to build and it is located in Robstown which is even more remote and out of the way than is Corpus Christi. Now County Commisioners Oscar Ortiz and Betty Jean Longoria are throwing a snit fit because the County Court voted down even more unneeded expansion in the form of an arena. Just what we need, another arena in this area, paid for by taxpayers, which will lose even more money!


FlipFlop said...

Maybe you should check out the long line waiting for the doors to open today, Feb 13th! They came, they shopped. Also, it doesn't take me any longer to drive to the Fairgrounds from the Island than it does to downtown Corpus Christi. It's a great facility---maybe you should check it out.

Dicky Neely said...

Well I am glad to hear that there was a crowd there. I hope more people go, especially to some of the sporting and other events there because it is a big drain on the county budget at present. The American Bank Plaza is a similar drag on the city budget.
I don't think the fairgrounds should not have been built but I do think it could have been done with a much less expensive design, and with much less maintenance costs than at present.