Thursday, January 22, 2009

Term Limits Proposal Is A Loser!

Term limits is an infringement on voter’s rights and unfairly inhibits an individual’s right to run for an office.
A voter should have the right to vote for the person he or she thinks most qualified, period. There should be no such arbitrary restriction placed on office holders.
Term limits is a copout. The concept is undemocratic. It’s a kind of supposed easy fix for what some perceive to be the problems with elected officials. The notion of term limits says that voters are not smart enough or able to vote good candidates into office so we should have a steady changing of individuals regularly in order to be rid of these scoundrels which we, somehow, elected into office! One argument often heard about long serving elected officials is that they become corrupted with too long a time in their position. This is wrong, if a person of incorruptible character is elected they will remain uncorrupted.
Term limits proponents say it is difficult to defeat incumbents. Perhaps, but incumbents often lose elections, it depends on the record of the incumbent and the case made by a challenger. If the incumbent is popular with the voters or is doing a good job it should be difficult to unseat them.
The notion that a revolving door for office holders will somehow give us better government is plain wrong. Indeed the opposite may be true and it could become difficult to find people to run if, in the end, they know they are only going to be in office for a limited time.
This current proposal would limit the mayor and council members to eight years of service period, and would combine years served as council member and mayor. In other words if someone spent four years on the council that person would be limited to four years as mayor should they be elected to that position. This is extremely illogical and restrictive. This places an unfair constraint on the office holders and the voters.
The voters already have the power to limit terms at the ballot box.
It is the duty of the voters to do their due diligence when selecting office holders. It is also the duty of the voters to closely observe the representation they receive and be ready to elect a new office holder should the current one be found wanting. The responsibility for the honest and effective administration of government lies with the voters. They should actively pursue and jealously guard this prerogative.

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