Friday, December 28, 2007

Local Developers, Caller/Times Deplore Community "Divisiveness!"

Above: Early opposition to coastal "development!"

Lately op ed pieces and letters to the editor have been appearing in our local daily, the Caller/Times, decrying what they call the "divisiveness" they say is prevalent in our community and is inhibiting our "progress."
Frankly, that is their opinion, it is not necessarily a matter of fact.
This idea of a lack of progress is expressed by those who have supported many grandiose development projects which have drawn opposition from within the community.
These developmental hand wringers whine that if we can't stop this so called divisiveness we are doomed as a successful city.
That's a bunch of baloney! In the first place Corpus Christi is a city of over 400,000 inhabitants. The surrounding communities add many more to the regional population numbers. The notion that everyone is going to agree on anything is ludicrous! The problem has been that big time, usually out of town and often foreign, investors have tried to shove some of these failed plans down our throats. If you happen not to like some of these ideas you are immediately chastised by the local media and the development uber alles crowd as an "aginner" or worse!
There have been no attempts at consensus building or consideration given to the desires of the community at large.
Back to consensus building for a moment. You will never get a half a million people in a diverse community to agree on much of anything. Many are now very much alert and on guard against new development that may conflict with their perceived interests.
What is needed now is a timeout period. It is time for our elected leaders to get out among the people to try to get a view of the public pulse. It is also time for local government to stick to roads and drains, in other words; fix the infrastructure! Politicans often don't like to be concerned with the mundane items in running a city, they tend to love the headline grabbing, big ticket items which make a splash. It would go a long way if these politicians would take care of infrastructure and public safety first and possibly restore some trust in local government.

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