Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Coliseum Bay Front Plans Favor Developers At Public Expense

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The long running fiasco over what to do with the Coliseum on the Corpus Christi Bay front continues to get "curiouser and curiouser!"
The interests of the public have always taken a back seat in all of the proposals put forth over the last several years. The process has been pretty strange and the most ardent supporters of allowing development plans, which include huge, grandiose projects, have been in such a rush to get it done they have overlooked deed restrictions which state much of the land must be used for public park space and that no demolition of the building be allowed without a review by the state's board concerning historic buildings.
So now the scope of the project, if it is to be allowed at all, is reduced in square footage so the new plans are now composed of taller structures.
The pro-development factions would not be satisfied unless every inch of bay front or beach property has been developed, leaving the public on the outside looking in, that is unless one could afford to pay for the view of the water!

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