Tuesday, September 22, 2009

City Government Must Protect Public Property, For A Change...

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The contention around the Memorial Coliseum and what to do with it is symptomatic of a long time problem in Corpus Christi. There are, and has been, some on the City Council and in city government who are always ready to give away public property to private developers for large, over reaching, grandiose projects in the name of "development." The American Bank Center was built to take away the functions of the Memorial Coliseum. However this has not worked so well because smaller organizations and events cannot afford the fees for that "Cow Palace." And the American Bank Center has been a loser for the City guv losing over $11 million so far!
But the Memorial Coliseum has been allowed to deteriorate and now the pro-development crowd, in the name of "doing something" about the Coliseum, want to give away this prime, bay front public property so a huge project with high buildings, private residencies, hotels, restaurants and God knows what else can locate right on the bay front. The project looks as if it was designed by a mad architect on LSD!
This is progress? For this you want to destroy the ambiance and familiarity of one of the city's best assets?

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