Saturday, June 20, 2009

Solomon In A Snit! His Brother Is Not Placed On LRA Board!

U.S. Representative Solomon Ortiz is in a snit and says he may "take back" $3 million earmarked for the Ingleside Local Redevelopment Authority which is trying to develop plans to make up for jobs lost with the closing of Naval Station Ingleside.
Ortiz is angry because his brother, Nueces County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz was not named to the board. Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal, who heads the Commisioners' Court, was. There is no love lost between Neal and the Ortiz brothers.
Representative Ortiz was quoted in the Caller/Times as saying "If they think they love Loyd Neal more than they love $3 million then I can't change their minds. If they love Loyd Neal more than the $3 million then go with Loyd Neal!"
This is a form of extortion, perpetrated by an elected offical, against a local governmental entity with public monies made availible by a President which Rep. Ortiz did not support, and done for the advancement of a family member.

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