Monday, June 29, 2009

Sherriff Jim Hickey: A Blast From The Past...

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Today's Caller/Times(Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012) featured a story concerning abuse of the drug forfeiture program by an area sheriff.
Sadly, this is not a new thing in south Texas. Back in 1993( I think, close anyway) the Sheriff of Nueces County was involved in a scheme misusing drug forfeiture money.
Sheriff Hickey used large sums of this money to pay his personal attorney, Brad Condit, who was not a county employee, for legal services that had not been rendered but as a contingency fund for future litigation the Sheriff thought he might be the subject of. Sheriff Hickey also gave himself a substantial raise and he did so without any word or consultation with the county commissioners.
Hickey purchased two Heckler-Koch 9mm machine guns with some of this money. He then gave these weapons to the King Ranch security force.
There was much more to this story; Hickey paid himself a large sum from this fund, which received matching funds from a Federal program, saying his pay was too low compared to other sheriffs in large counties, he bought worn out, used vehicles from a relative and many other abuses.

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