Thursday, April 16, 2009

Governor Rick Perry Takes Leave Of His Senses!
Hints Texas May Have To Secede From Union!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is obviously running scared lately. He has been doing a lot of public appearances and kissing up to the right wing but he has really gone over the top hinting that Texas may need to secede from the union at some future date.
This is nuts! And Perry said that Texas had reserved the right to secede when it joined the union. That is not true. And even if it were the War Between The States settled such ideas. Texas did reserve the right to split into five states when it joined the United States in 1845. This was all part of the free state, slave state debate of the day. This proposal was never seriously considered.
I was born in Texas in 1947. I am a history buff and have read Texas and American history. For years I have heard folks mistakenly claim the notion of possible Texas secession. Frankly, I think that is an outrageous idea and I don't think most who said such a thing have ever seriously considered the ramifications of such a hare brained idea.
Rick Perry is not an honorable man. He has shown he will kiss ass and drop to the lowest common denominators in society to gain some political support.
I am not a Republican and I am not very fond of Kay Bailey Hutchison but I hope she kicks his ass! It is enough to make me think of registering as a Republican just so I can vote against Perry in the primary!

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