Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Developer Seeks Tax Zone For Proposed $50 Million Development Along Packery Channel

More local development is in the wind. (click on pics for larger image.)

The results of the city election are still warm and today's Caller/Times featured the headline "Tax Zone Sought For Padre Island."
The new mayor and city council are expected to be all in favor of giving tax free zones and such things for what this developer says will be a "high end complex of restaurants, condos, a marina..." Plans include five or six restaurants, a boardwalk, a marina and a hotel with a conference center. He also says it could bring "nightlife and retail that has been missing on the island."
Oh my goodness!
Like all such developments they will expect the city to build infrastructure and the local and state taxing entities to give them a huge break.
He also says it will be a "high end" development. No one ever does a "low end" development do they?
Oh yeah, there is also a small matter of hurricanes. People seem to think there will never be another to strike this coast. How short the memories!

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