Thursday, August 02, 2012

Paul Sadler Faces Lonely, Uphill Struggle Against Ted Cruz For Texas Senate Seat

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Texas and National political junkies may be forgiven, (somewhat) for thinking the race to fill the soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat of Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison is over already.
Yesterday's GOP primary saw Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst go down in flames to newcomer Ted Cruz. Cruz was well backed by The Tea Party and right wing politiicans, 
Now the general asumption is that's it, game over and that is probably right. It is true Sadler has virtually zero name recognition but why is that? Did state newspapers ever mention the Democratic race? Have you ever even seen a picture of Paul Sadler in print? ...On Television?
It is bad enough the Republicans have taken over state government but it seems they dominate the state press as well.

For anyone interested here is a link to Sadler's web site.

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