Monday, April 18, 2011

Perry Flip Flops On Washington's Involvement In State Affairs !

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Texas Governor Rick Perry has spent the past few years bashing Washington and the Federal government. He has been very critical of the President and has flirted with secession. He produced a book, Fed Up, which outlined his complaints about so called "big government"
Now Texas is beset with a huge and tragic outbreak of wildfires burning across large sections of the state. These fires have caused entire communities to evacuate and have destroyed many homes.
Perry has sent out an urgent appeal to FEMA and the President for help saying that Texas does not have sufficient resources to deal with the scope of the disaster. This is true and it is proper he should do that. It is also true that FEMA and the Federal government will respond with aid. It is correct and proper they do that.
There is some irony in this.

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