Monday, January 24, 2011

Bob Hall Pier Construction Project Collapses!

Photo: Caller/Times
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Add yet another disaster to the list of uncompleted and delayed local construction-destruction projects supported by local government entities.
A concrete pad under construction on Bob Hall Pier collapsed this morning when crews began pouring concrete. According to news reports the pour was near half way when the structure collapsed. No injuries were reported to any of the work crew.
The pad is part of an expansion project for the pier and is expected to cost about $850,000. The project was expected to be completed by early spring. Wanna bet?
Nueces County Coastal Parks Director Scott Cross said the construction will be delayed about two weeks. We'll see about that.
This collapse raises many questions. Was the project properly designed and was the engineering approved? Were corners cut? Is it really necessary in the first place?

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