Wednesday, February 24, 2010

City Council Votes To Demolish Coliseum!

The Corpus Christi city council voted yesterday to demolish the Memorial Coliseum.
What to do with the coliseum has been an issue for years, ever since it has been allowed to deteriorate following the opening of the ABC Bank Center which now hosts the events the coliseum used to book.
It has been a highly contentious issue and probably will continue to be so.
 At present there are no plans as to what the site will become. You can bet the prevailing attitude on the city council will be to once again to solicit more over the top and over reaching projects. Sadly these developers and pro-development types just cannot abide empty space, especially on a waterfront property! All they see is money money money there.

Pic: One proposal that was turned down.  Click on pic for larger image

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