Wednesday, October 14, 2009

City Guv Plans City Pride Campaign To Clean Up City Yet Plans Still In Place For Once A Week Garbage Pickup

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A new logo was released today to promote a city wide cleanup effort.
This is part of an effort to instill civic pride and decrease litter and trash. A noble idea to be sure.
Mayor Adame formed the Advisory Committee on Community Pride composed of 11 "young professionals" (as described in a Caller/Times story this morning) who worked on his election campaign to lead in this effort.
The logo was created by the company headed by comittee chairwoman Monica Mcleod Sawyer.
The Advisory Committee on Community Pride, the mayor and members of the city council plan to take up trash bags and go to yet to be designated areas of the city to pick up trash on November 14.
It is a good thing to promote city pride and clean streets but this "Pride" campagin sure seems at odds with the notion of going to once a week trash pickup.
Mayor Joe Adame and the Corpus Christi City Council have once again demonstrated they put more store in PR stunts than the public interest.

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