Monday, May 11, 2009

Today They Laid Old Rocky Down

Today they laid old Rocky down
They put a good man in the ground.
Now Rocky was a wonderful soul
Playing his blues just never got old.

Rocky would pick up his harp and wail
And sing the blues as if he were in jail.
And you knew he was the real thing,
He was blind, black and how he could sing.

Rocky played ‘bout everywhere around.
Folks would come to see him from out of town.
He sang about women, drinkin’ and automobiles
And most anything else that had that blues feel.

Now Rocky wasn’t that old, he was only 57
But if there is such a place he’s in blues heaven.
I bet that the blues angels are havin’ a hell of a jam
And Rocky is out front and really layin it down.

Everybody loved Rocky, he was a great blues man.
He’s left it for us to carry on as well as we can.
But I know some night I will hear a cryin’ blues harp
And it will be Rocky Benton playin’ out in the dark.

He will be singing the blues cause they can’t go away
And I’ll have the blues then like I have ‘em today.
I’ll think about Rocky and the good times we had
And those harmonica blues never made me feel bad!

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