Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rick Perry Waffles On Bail Out Money

Texas Guv Rick Perry was one of the right wing governors who recently indicated they didn't want any Federal bail out money. Citing his "conservative principles" he voiced his opposition to some of President Obama's programs to send money to the states. Firmly standing on his convictions Perry said he wouldn't take that money.
But that was a bluff and he quickly folded and grudgingly accepted the Federal cash.
He will, for the first time, face stiff opposition in the Republican primary since Kay Bailey Hutchison, the current senior U.S. Senator from Texas, has announced her intent to run for the Republican nomination for Governor.
His campaign might be in serious trouble if he had turned down the offered $313 billion in road and bridge repair money. He may still be in trouble as he has indicated he might put most of that into projects to build toll roads in Texas. There is little support for toll roads in Texas.
As usual Governor Perry is always looking out for the big money and shows little concern for those in Texas struggling to make ends meet in this current economy.

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