Friday, August 08, 2008

Juan Garcia Should Be Re-Elected To His District 32 Seat

Democrat Juan Garcia should be returned to his District 32 seat in the Texas House of Representatives. Garcia has done a good job representing his constituents even in the face of a dirty, vicious, slander campaign waged against him by local and state Republicans. His opponents have gone so far as to create a phony web site used to try and spread lies and discredit him. They have engaged in a steady and deliberate smear campaign in the local daily, the Corpus Christi Caller/Times and other local news outlets.
His opponent, Todd Hunter, is a class guy and formerly served in the state legislature, though he was then a Democrat. In the years following his stint in the legislature he has worked as a lobbyist and switched parties to join the Republicans.
We don't need any more Republicans in the state house. It is imperative to oust Tom Craddick as the Speaker of the House and sending another Republican into that body would not be a good idea.

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